Go Roadrunners! Support UTSA Athletics.

Welcome to ROWDYHEADS. We’re very proud to be able to serve all of the UTSA students, alumni, faculty & staff and all of the other supporters out there of UTSA Athletics.  As alumni of UTSA, we’re just as excited as you are about UTSA Football. Go Roadrunners!

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Who We Are

As UTSA students and alumni, we’re proud of our university and all our athletic teams.  We saw the need to create a very unique product that true UTSA supporters would be proud to wear.  With the coming of UTSA Football, there was never a better time to create the ROWDYHEAD.

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Officially Licensed

The UTSA Rowdyhead™ is an officially licensed college product.  Make sure it includes an Officially Licensed Collegiate Product hologram on the label. This assures you, that the product you are buying is officially licensed and approved by UTSA.

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